Cilajet Care Kit

The Cilajet Care Kit has everything you need to keep your vehicle sparkling clean! Includes full-size bottles of Cilajet Car-Shampoo, Quick-Shine, and Gel-Wax, plus 2 microfiber towels, offering an environmentally friendly solution for both Cilajet-treated and non-treated vehicles.


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The Cilajet Care Kit comes complete with the Cilajet Car-Shampoo (16 oz.), Quick-Shine (32 oz.), and Gel-Wax (8 oz.), along with 2 microfiber towels. Perfect combination of auto care products to clean and protect both Cilajet-treated and non-treated vehicles throughout the seasons. Cilajet Care products were all developed with the environment in mind, are low to 0% VOC, and have a light fresh scent (no heavy perfumes or fragrances). They make your vehicle look amazing and help protect it from the environmental elements. Makes a great gift for the car enthusiast or daily commuter!

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