Cilajet Care Car-Shampoo - 16 oz.
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Keep your cilajet treated vehicle clean and shiny with Cilajet Car-Shampoo.  It is biodegradable and environmentally friendly, and easily dissolves and removes dirt, salt, and road grime without damaging the cilajet finish or stripping wax from the surface.  It quickly rinses off and leaves a streak-free shine.  Cilajet Car-Shampoo is concentrated (1 oz. to 1 gal. of water), so one bottle is good for 16 washes - about $1.00 per wash!  It has a light fresh scent, is non-hazardous, and 0% VOC. Includes 1 microfiber towel.

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Cilajet Care Car-Shampoo - 16 oz.

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